Michael Baird is a sound designer and sound supervisor who made the transition from commercials to film in order to partner with the French veteran sound designer Claude Letessier.  Claude's eclectic clientele took them from Europe, to Hong Kong, Thailand, to Denmark and recently Brazil to work with such modern film luminaries as Wong Kar Wai, Wim Wenders, and Thomas Vinterberg.

Equally comfortable in all genres, Michael has enjoyed a career characterized by variety. From horror in Eli Roth produced The Last Exorcism, to black comedy in Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, to Hollywood blockbuster in Renny Harlin’s The Covenant.

First coming to Louisiana to work with Jerry on Peter Hyam’s Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Michael continued to supplement Los Angeles film work by coming to Louisiana to supervise and create sound design on such films as Herzog's Bad Lieutenant, Antonio Negret's Seconds Apart and Transit, and more recently Hany Abu Assad's action thriller The Courier.

He relocated to Baton Rouge in the summer of 2011 in order to partner with PostDigital helmsman Jerry Gilbert.